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Gift Vouchers

The perfect gift — whatever the occasion!

Weihnachten, Ostern, Geburtstag, Firmenfeier – was soll man da nur immer schenken? Ist ja ganz einfach: Die hochwertige G3 Geschenk-Karte ist der ideale Geschenk-Tipp für jede Gelegenheit.

Christmas, Easter, birthdays, company celebrations: What on earth should you buy as a gift?

Simple! The high-quality G3 gift card is the ideal gift for any occasion.

It’s so easy to use

  • Sign your G3 gift card immediately on the back.
  • No-fuss payment in all participating shops that accept Maestro cards.
  • When paying with your G3 gift card, please enter the code 1111.
  • The amount due will be debited from your G3 gift card.
  • You can find out your current credit from the G3 info desk, via this link or by SMS.

After it expires, a gift card can be renewed for another year at the G3 info desk. Take your old card with you and you will be given a new one with a new expiry date.

You can hand in your used-up gift card at the G3 info desk. We’ll make sure it is disposed of properly.

For full information see the Terms and Conditions (Download AGB.pdf)

Where can I get a gift card?

You can get G3 gift cards from the G3 info desk and our web shop.

Requesting account status by SMS

To register, text your card number to +43 664 / 660 44 04.
You will receive your current account status by SMS after every payment made using your card.
To request your current account status, text ? to the above number.

Requesting account status online

To find out online how much credit you have on your G3 gift card, click here

Need more info?

If you have any questions, please contact the G3 info desk or the Paylife help desk on +43 1 / 05 99 06.