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Center gift cards

The perfect gift for all occasions.

Christmas, Easter, birthdays, corporate events - just what to give on such an occasion? It's quite simple: the high-value gift G3 is the ideal gift tip for any occasion.
It's as simple as this

  •     Sign your G3 gift card immediately on the back.
  •     Conveniently pay at all participating stores where Maestro is accepted.
  •     Please enter the code 1111 when paying with your G3 gift card.
  •     The amount to be paid will be deducted from your G3 gift card.
  •     You can check your current balance on G3 Info, at this link or via SMS.

You can extend the card's expiry date again for one additional year directly at G3 Info. Please bring in your expired card, you will receive a new card with an updated expiry date.

You can hand in your empty gift card at the G3 Info booth - we will be happy to take care of professional disposal.

All of the above information is contained in the General Terms and Conditions (download AGB.pdf)
Where can I get a card?

G3 gift cards will be issued to you at the G3 information booth as well as online in our webshop.
Balance inquiry via SMS

Register by sending an SMS with your card number to +43 664 / 660 44 04.
After each purchase with your card, you will receive an SMS with your credit balance.
To check your current credit balance, please send "?" to the number above.
Checking your balance online

To find out your balance online on your G3 gift card please click here.
Do you have any other questions?

If you have any questions, please contact the G3 information booth or Paylife-Helpdesk at +43 1 / 05 99 06.