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  • functionally structured building with forward-thinking, energy-conscious, sustainable architecture
  • Over 140 shops (including the specialist retail park)
  • Sum invested: EUR 200 million
  • Parking for 4,000 vehicles (including the underground car park)
  • 1,600 expected new jobs
  • A total of 70,000 m² of floor space for rent
  • Total area covered by the shopping centre: 190,000 m²
  • 3 building complexes (shopping centre, specialist retail park, Hornbach DIY store)


A shopping experience with a feel-good factor, eye-catching architecture and a responsible approach to the local area and the environment.

Notable facts

Length: 750 metres, width: 140 metres, height: 22 metres at tallest point, roof area: 60,000 m2, predominantly wood. Biggest shopping complex ever built in Austria in a single construction phase and the biggest ever to pass an environmental impact assessment. While under construction it was the biggest building site for a wood construction in Europe. Biggest single-story shopping centre.

Access roads

S1 Vienna orbital expressway (Eibesbrunn exit), A5 north motorway, B7 Brünner Straße; draw area: 2.2 million people within 45 minutes’ drive.

Letting, centre management

ECE Projektmanagement Austria GmbH

Project lead company

Centre G3 Holding GmbH

Investor and project developer

ECE Progressive Income Growth Fund (EPIG)