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The G3 Shopping Resort offers you shopping in a feel-good atmosphere at over 140 shops of the very highest quality! The G3 is a modern marketplace and communication centre designed with the focus on people and sustainable principles. It offers myriad possibilities!

Today I feel so... SHOPPING

The G3 is no “shopping centre” in the conventional sense, but a “shopping resort”. The G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf transfers the warm glow you associate with the term “resort” to the activity of shopping and offers you a shopping experience with a difference.

It’s all in the name

“G3” refers to the location of the Shopping Resort Gerasdorf where three major roads meet: the S1 Vienna orbital expressway, the A5 north motorway and the B7, Brünner Straße. The G3 also lies between three towns: Gerasdorf, Hagenbrunn and Großebersdorf.