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When Pearle opened the first shops in Austria in 1998 it was the start of a mini-revolution on the domestic eyewear market. Suddenly there were specialist opticians offering expert advice and quality glasses at extremely attractive prices. It marked the start of an amazing success story which is continuing today all over Austria in over 100 branches of Pearle. Today, Pearle is part of GrandVision, the biggest group of retail opticians in Europe with over 5,000 shops in more than 40 countries worldwide. And that benefits you as a customer!

We keep our promises:

A clear price policy from the word “go” and always with the best price guaranteed.

Thanks to our easy-to-follow price policy at Pearle you don’t find out how much your glasses cost only when it’s time to pay: you decide right from the start how much to spend. We stand by our fair prices and offers.

Expert guidance from qualified opticians – and always with satisfaction guaranteed.

Highly qualified specialists await you at our Pearle shops who will advise you professionally on every facet of perfect vision – from the initial essentials to the free eye test and finishing with your choice of the best product for you. We are the specialists in every respect.

A wide range of leading brand names – and always with satisfaction guaranteed. Our range includes all products relating to perfect vision:

Corrective glasses for long- and short-sightedness, reading glasses and varifocals

Sunglasses and corrective sunglasses of every kind

Contact lenses: daily and monthly contacts, both also available as varifocals

We place the utmost importance on the quality of all our exclusive brands and leading brand-name products. This guarantees you long-term satisfaction with your eyewear.

The Pearle specialists are happy to assist you and will give you friendly, comprehensive and expert advice. From the initial consultation, with no obligation to buy, to a thorough and professionally conducted eye test and finishing with the choice of the best product for you.

We are also happy to assist you with our after-sales services!

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