About us

A new shopping philosophy

The G3 Shopping Resort offers you shopping in a feel-good atmosphere at over 140 shops of the very highest quality! The G3 is a modern marketplace and communication centre designed with the focus on people and sustainable principles. It offers myriad possibilities!

Today I feel so... SHOPPING

The G3 is no “shopping centre” in the conventional sense, but a “shopping resort”. The G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf transfers the warm glow you associate with the term “resort” to the activity of shopping and offers you a shopping experience with a difference.

It’s all in the name

“G3” refers to the location of the Shopping Resort Gerasdorf where three major roads meet: the S1 Vienna orbital expressway, the A5 north motorway and the B7, Brünner Straße. The G3 also lies between three towns: Gerasdorf, Hagenbrunn and Großebersdorf.

Sustainable well-being

More than 1,600 new jobs

The G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf benefits the surrounding area: together with the specialist retail park, it employs 1,600 people, while a further 900 jobs have been created as a knock-on effect. It boosts growth in the region by increasing purchasing power, creating jobs and providing essential services to the rapidly growing population north of Vienna. In Gerasdorf itself the Resort has increased employment opportunities by almost 50%. G3 staff are recruited continually in close cooperation with the employment office.

Perfect mix of retail branches with over 140 shops

The G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf is home to over 140 shops on 70,000 m² of floor space. An entirely new feel-good concept gives you an unprecedented shopping experience. Local products and services make the G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf a “marketplace for the region”.

Top-class international architecture plus feng shui principles

The architecture plays an important role in the feeling of well-being that fills the Shopping Resort: the building, with its undulating roof like a giant wave, fits snugly into the rolling Weinviertel countryside, while the interior is dominated by natural light, soothing colours and superior materials. It is one of the few shopping centres in Europe to have consulted feng shui experts even in the planning stage. And to make navigation easier, the entire car park was given a clear structure by a landscape designer.

The “green line”

Sustainability was already an issue during construction, and is a central element of the entire concept of the G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf. High energy efficiency is achieved thanks to optimised building technology, low-energy lighting and intelligent energy management software. The building is heated by a nearby biomass heating plant. In addition, state-of-the-art noise insulation measures and a highly effective waste management concept ensure ecological sustainability. During the environmental impact assessment, measures were also devised in cooperation with ecologists to protect the habitats of local fauna.

Facts and Figures

  • functionally structured building with forward-thinking, energy-conscious, sustainable architecture
  • Over 140 shops (including the specialist retail park)
  • Sum invested: EUR 200 million
  • Parking for 4,000 vehicles (including the underground car park)
  • 1,600 expected new jobs
  • A total of 70,000 m² of floor space for rent
  • Total area covered by the shopping centre: 190,000 m²
  • 3 building complexes (shopping centre, specialist retail park, Hornbach DIY store)

A shopping experience with a feel-good factor, eye-catching architecture and a responsible approach to the local area and the environment.

Notable facts

Length: 750 metres, width: 140 metres, height: 22 metres at tallest point, roof area: 60,000 m2, predominantly wood. Biggest shopping complex ever built in Austria in a single construction phase and the biggest ever to pass an environmental impact assessment. While under construction it was the biggest building site for a wood construction in Europe. Biggest single-story shopping centre.

Access roads

S1 Vienna orbital expressway (Eibesbrunn exit), A5 north motorway, B7 Brünner Straße; draw area: 2.2 million people within 45 minutes’ drive.

Letting, centre management

ECE Projektmanagement Austria GmbH


Project lead company

Centre G3 Holding GmbH


Investor and project developer

ECE European Prime Shopping Centre Fund I


The G3 team
Patrick Homm

Centre Manager
G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf
Centre management / International III

Ulrike Apenburg

G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf
Centre management / International III

Sandra Huber

G3 Shopping Resort Gerasdorf
Centre management / International III

Michael Csiszar

Technical Manager
G3 Shopping Resort
Centre management / International III

Petra Kadlec

G3 Information
G3 Shopping Resort
Centre management / International III

Margit Bittmann

G3 Information
G3 Shopping Resort
Centre management / International III